Equipment Management Australia employees/train the correct people for the job. With a team of specialist. There is no task we are unable to attend. From a flat battery on the side of the road to major brake down on a mine site.

Whether it be Mechanical, Hydraulic, Phonematic or Electrical Fault, our team will be there to support our customers in a prompt and safely   manor.

We also offer full log book maintenance on all fleet types plant and equipment. Trailer overhauls, with ABS retro fits to be compliant to modern European Trucks.

Expanding in to Cappellotto and drilling maintenance sees EMA building relations with KOR and further applications on industry.

EMA Culture

Equipment Management has always had a strongly embedded culture of safety and quality that is the foundation of the way we conduct business.

Working to the highest standards with honesty and sincerity to forge and keep relationships for future success.

Building relationships and trust through a consultation process to achieve and deliver on each and every promise.

Employing and empowering problem-solving creative thinkers that have ambition to lead the Mechanical and asset management industry into the future.