Safety. Service. Quality.

Established in 2013, EMA is situated in Eastern Melbourne, extending our range Victoria wide from all suburbs within Melbourne to Wodonga & Bainsdale through to Bendigo, a business that provides our customers with responsive, excellent quality & reliable support no matter the time or location.

We have a team of experienced and well knowledge mechanics we pride ourselves on.


EMA offers our customers a unique but complete skillset that sets us apart from our competitors.

With our Mechanical experience, Research & Development in Safety and know how. We are uniquely positioned to solve any challenges.

We also have vast knowledge and experience of Diagnostics & implementing working safety solutions. We invest knowledge into our staff to keep UpToDate  in the ever-developing environment of technology, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

EMA offers Programmed Maintenance, helping our clients to maintain service schedules across all fleet types, large and small.


Equipment Management Australia employees/train the correct people for the job. With a team of specialist. There is no task we are unable to attend. From a flat battery on the side of the road to major brake down on a mine site.

Whether it be Mechanical, Hydraulic, Phonematic or Electrical Fault, our team will be there to support our customers in a prompt and safely   manor.

We also offer full log book maintenance on all fleet types plant and equipment. Trailer overhauls, with ABS retro fits to be compliant to modern European Trucks.

Expanding in to Cappellotto and drilling maintenance sees EMA building relations with KOR and further applications on industry.


  • EMA is committed to investing in the future of our company, and we do this by providing a place of learning for our apprentice Diesel Mechanics
  • Through our apprenticeship training program we are able to assist in training qualified, skillful and dedicated Diesel Mechanic Apprentices to manage and perform services, maintenance and repairs to a range of heavy vehicles, fixed and mobile plant, trailers and light vehicles.
  • Our Apprentices learn the meaning of teamwork and becoming an important member of a team
  • We have offered Adult Apprentice programs to Up-Skill mechanics from Automotive Cert III to Diesel Mech Cert III. Provided with on-the-Job Training
  • Enquire within if you feel yu have what it takes to become part of an amazing team of EMA

On-Site Repairs

Equipment management Australia will travel all distances, defeating all elements to rectify any onsite mechanical needs your company requires, 24/7.

Cross-Arm Bracket

Our Research and development team were challenged with the issue of supporting Cross Arms to the EWP bucket whilst lifted to position on the Telegraph pole.

The development of the cross-arm brackets have improved safety, and productivity. All brackets are all individually fabricated in our workshop and can be custom made to size.

Safety Signs

Our latest development has been the use of safety awareness signage. These signs are placed on the roof of cabins and tops of tool boxes to prompt the awareness.

Hand Brake Alarms

EMA have the knowledge and knowhow, with hand brake alarm installations to all your fleet vehicles.

Tool Aprons

All our tool aprons are locally fabricated from the best canvas. We take time listening to operators with regards to requirements needed on a day to day basis. This includes reinforced stitching, velcro covers over pockets to protect from the elements and larger pockets.

Tool Apron Bracket

Tool Apron brackets are all custom fabricated to suit all bucket types.