Requirements to Operate

The Integrated Anti-Roll-Away System is a means to apply the pneumatic park brake system when there is no occupant behind the steering wheel. The system can be used to ensure the park brake cannot be released with the PTO engaged or the stabilises legs extended.

i-ARS is always active at speeds up to 5km/h. If the park brake has been released and the radar is monitoring a ground speed of 5km/h or less, i-ARS is active – the required ‘inputs’ listed are;

  1. Driver’s Seat Switch
  2. Driver’s Door Switch
  3. Radar

If all of these inputs are not seen to be ‘safe’ (eg. there is no one in the driver’s seat) the park brake will apply and cannot be released until the ‘unsafe’ condition is rectified.

To cancel the input, the park brake is re applied and then released. This procedure resets i ARS and the park brake will release. Once the Skm/h threshold is logged, the i ARS is dormant.

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